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Концентраторы сигналов SAI

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Sensor Actuator Interface
0: Complete catalogue Download
1: Overview Download
A: Sensor Actuator Interface Download
B: M8, M12 Sensor and actuator cables Download
C: M8, M12 Plug in connectors and protective caps Download
D: Device connectors Download
E: 7/8" connectors Download
F: M23 Connectors and cables Download
G: M12 POWER (A-, S-, K-, L- and T-coded) Download
H: Passive distributors Download
I: Weidmüller Industry Light Download
J: Remote I/O data line – Plug-in connectors and modules Download
K: JACKPAC® (IP 67) Download
L: SAI empty housing Download
M: Tools and markers Download
V: Service and support Download
W: Technical appendix Download
X: Index Download