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In Focus

Moving towards greater returns and less risk

Weidmüller’s Condition Monitoring system BLADEcontrol® has proven essential in ensuring the optimal output of wind turbines, and has won over users from all over the world.



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In Action

The terminal block of the future

Klippon® Connect is winning over both panel building company Controller and plant manufacturer Wemhöner.


In Detail
Web-based engineering for the automation of the future

With the control system u-control, the Weidmüller automation family is welcoming a new generation. Based on the motto “More performance. Simplified.”, u-control enables platform-independent facility programming using a browser.


Overview of more current topics:


Ship ahoy!


Weidmüller is addressing the requirements of the shipbuilding industry with the unrestricted deployment of its highlight products, u-remote and maxGUARD.



Big data under control


Using communications components, Cloud Services and a sophisticated Analytics solution, Weidmüller contributes to the processing and evaluation of complex data volumes which delivers real added value for the user.



Fully automatic – and in keeping with all the laws of brewing


At the brewery Bitburger, it takes up to nine hours to go through the stations in the production line. Here, u-remote from Weidmüller is reliably working away in the background.



Plug-and-play instead of complex cabling


As an expert in the field of electrical connectivity and offering a wide range of plug-in connectors and cabling solutions, Weidmüller provides the perfect tools for cabling the industrial systems of the future.



Partnering up expertise for the railway


How HUBER+SUHNER and Weidmüller jointly meet the growing requirements of the railway industry – explained by Detmar Saalmann, Global Industry Development Manager Transportation.



Best climate with the right connection technology


The Power and Signal connectors from the OMNIMATE® product range fully demonstrate their strengths in Blue e+, the new generation of cooling equipment from enclosure expert Rittal.



Act instead of react


Weidmüller’s BLADEcontrol® system increases revenue and reduces cost risks thanks to continual rotor blade monitoring and ice detection.



RockStar® ModuPlug offers more for less


The modular connector system solves space problems by offering increased functionality with a reduced installation space, which in turn also helps keep the weight down.



Voltage as a driving factor


Maximum cost effectiveness with the highest quality and performance – Weidmüller meets these requirements for the design and construction of photovoltaic systems with its 1,500 V generator combiner boxes.



Distributed safety compactly bundled


The more intelligent and networked a system is, the more important it is to use a state-of-the-art safety solution. With u-remote, Zink KÖRNER was able to construct a compact safety I/O solution with integrated cooperation.